NETEXX   Personal Directories


On this WEB - site you are able to access your personal directories of your virtual WEB 3.0 - workspace. You are able to download files from your virtual workspace on your local computer.

Alternatively you may have access also using

When using the FTP - login, please access it by your FTP - username and password.

Please use your username (user account) and your personal password to login on your individual directory.

If you, as a registered user, are not listed on the following table, for example, because you did not want to publish your username, please continue in relation to the procedure, explained below to access the downloadarea of your user - account.

  • hc
  • hw
  • johanna
  • kludwig
  • pjuraschek
  • tr

  • Displayed, using MS-Internet Explorer, input - example

    The displayedinput frame may differ if you are using another browser

    Please use the address, displayed on the left, to access your personal directory directly. After pressing the return - key there will appear a window on your browser where you will be asked again for your username and password what is the same that you need to access your WEB 3.0 workspace. After input you are able to access your personal directory from there you are able to download files to your local computer. "username" stands for your individual username that you were receiving after registration as user.

    Please, take care about you are downloading files on your own risk. In case that there are files on your personal directory that are, for example, from an unknown origin, we can not guarantee that they are free of malware or viruses. Usually while using your WEB 3.0 environment you are protected against such risk. This protection doesn't work if you have direct access to your files in use of standard web or FTP to transfer files to your local computer.

    FTP - Upload / Download

    For the upload of files of your local computer to your virtual workspace you need to use FTP. You are able to use an own FTP-client, that, for example your web browser is including or WS-FTP that we are providing you.

    Using your own browser you can access your personal directory under the following ftp-server-address:

    For access, please use w3-username instead of "username" that means your individual user name that is necessary to access your WEB 3.0 workspace. To prewrite "w3-" is necessary that our server is identifying you correctly as a WEB 3.0 - user.

    For all purpose we are providing here WS-FTP for download and execution.

    Download and launch of WS-FTP

    It is possible, depending on the security settings of your local computer, that you have to give permission for download and excecution of this software. You may need to permit access to the local file system of your computer that WS-FTP is able to work correctly. WS-FTP only can be used on WINDOWS - PCs. When using an APPLE or UNIX - computer a preinstalled WINDOWS environment, as it is WINE, for example, will be necessary.

    Login screen of WS-FTP

    When using WS-FTP on your local computer there will be displayed a screen window shown on the left.
    Please remember that also here you will need to prewrite w3- .

    For example:

    If your username is sylvia36,please use
    w3-sylvia36 as input for User ID

    The password you have to write is the same you are using for WEB 3.0 - access.

    Being logged on the FTP - service with WS-FTP you will see on its left window your local directory and on the right there will appear your personal directory for file exchange with your WEB 3.0 workspace.

    The WS-FTP - software is easy to use and is explaining its functions and commands itself. With it you are able to upload data to your virtual WEB 3.0 workspace as well as you can download from this online directory to your local computer.

    Instruction to use your personal directory on your WEB 3.0 workspace correctly

    On your WEB 3.0 workspace within your personal directory you have the choice what files to use for data exchange with your local computer. Therefore a sub - directory was set on it. Please understand that this opportunity is only available for registered users.

    This graphic shows you this opportunity:

    Display fort he user kludwig: Personal directory /home/kludwig/ on the WEB 3.0 - workspace

    Within the personal directory folder you will find a sub - directory with the ending .mnt . In certain case of the displayed directory it is named kludwig.mnt. This is exactly the same directory that is containing the files that you are able to exchange data with by use of WEB or FTP on your local computer. You are able to copy or move files from or to this directory on your personal directory on your virtual workspace. The availability of this .mnt - directory makes an additional choice possible to select what can be accessed from any local computer from each place in the world.